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Utpoia by Chuck

Utpoia by Chuck

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Utpoia by Chuck

Artist - Chuck

Limited Edition 


Size -  90 x 75 cm 

About the Artist - Having a mother as an artist, Chuck has been involved in art in some form since he was able to crawl..
With his experience in the digital art field this initially led into his fascination with the Baroque and Renaissance eras. Along with an interest in cutting edge fashion and design, this evolved into his skull designs.
With a further move on, using vibrant colours textures Chuck has developed a new collection mixing his love of fashion and design with the vibrancy and movement of large floral patterns. Combined with texture and gold leaf each piece in the collection portrays a stunning statement.
Chuck is in the early stages of his career as an artist, however with his incorporation of metallic foils and leaf, and traditional patterns, he is expected to go far in the art industry.
He says of his work My arts speech is its shock value, I like to mix the vibrancy of old era art with the appeal that contemporary art in all its forms holds.

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