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LED Light Up Twinkling Branches Tree Multicolour 120cm

LED Light Up Twinkling Branches Tree Multicolour 120cm

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LED Light Up Twinkling Branches Tree Multicolour
LED Light Up Twinkling Branches Tree Multicolour 137 Lights 120cm

Remote controlled sparkling light up branch tree. 137 LEDs on the branches with various settings. 

Indoor and outdoor use, mains operated.

Remote Control Settings - 

Timer options:
4H/6H/8H Timer
4H: 4 Hours Timer (4H ON+20H Off )
6H: 6 Hours Timer (6H ON+18H Off )
8H: 8 Hours Timer (8H ON+16H Off )

Dimmer Options:
1. Increase/reduce brightness
2. Increase/reduce speed of flashing & twinkling lights 

1. Red steady + white flash
2. Blue steady + white flash
3. White steady + red flash
4. White steady + blue Flash
5. Red steady + green Flash
6. Green steady + red Flash
7. Red light random blinking
8. Blue light random blinking
9. Green light random blinking
10. White light random blinking
11. Pink light random blinking
12. Cyan light random blinking

1. Red & green alternate flash
2. Red & blue alternate flash
3. Red & white alternate flash
4. Blue & white alternate flash
5. Blue & green alternate flash
6. White & white alternate flash

Other lighting modes:
Fade. Red-Green-Light Green-Blue-Pink-Cyan-White
Jump. Red-Green-Light Green-Blue-Pink-Cyan-White
Asynchronous: Press 1: fast flash/Multicolour Press 2: slow flash/Multicolour
Strobe. Red-Green-Light Green-Blue-Pink-Cyan-White
In Waves. Red-Green-Light Green-Blue-Pink-Cyan-White
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